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Please read a story daily with your child.

Activities for phonics and reading can be found on Purplemash in the mini mash section.

New activities for phonics and reading can also be found on IXL in the English section:

NEW: Select a new reading book to read online

Please count everyday objects to 20, counting on and back, one more one less, putting items into pairs and counting in 2’s.

Activities can be found in  Purplemash in the mini mash section.

New activities for maths can also be found on IXL in the maths section:

NEW: Additional home learning tasks can be found on the Home Learning sections of White Rose Maths earning/early-years/

Practical maths activities:


We will provide links to online activities which will encourage you to talk to your child about the topic each day. Activities can be found in Purplemash in the mini mash section.

NEW: Ruth Miskin phonics lessons ?v=s6OiU2h3sUI

Bitesize videos of phonics sounds


Monday 1st June

Hello my lovely Reception friends! Welcome back! This is our first day back after the half-term holidays and it is the first day of a new month. We are now into the month of June, which means we are getting very close to the season of Summer! It is my favourite season of the year, so I am looking forward to more sunny days and all of the beautiful nature that comes with Summer. Here is what the what the weather is looking like for this week…

How was your half-term holiday? What did you all get up to? Did you enjoy the glorious sunshine? I have had a lovely, relaxing week with my family at home. We have cooked lots of tasty meals, had beautiful walks in the sun and I even got up very early to watch the sunrise at the beach! Here is a photo of the sunrise!

On Saturday, something very special happened and a rocket was launched into space with two astronauts on board. It is one of the first rockets that the United States have sent into space in nearly 10 years – that’s before you were even born! I watched the video as the rocket went shooting up into the sky and then disappeared into space. It is so exciting to think that two astronauts are flying in space right now, I wonder whether they can still see our Earth? Did any of you also watch the video? 

I loved it so much that our theme this week is Space and Stars! I am so excited for this week. 

Let’s find out what today’s jobs are…

Literacy: Please complete the tasks assigned on IXL today. I am looking forward to seeing you superstars working hard on this again, I love looking at all of the medals you have achieved! (H.1, H.2).

Maths: Please complete the tasks assigned on IXL today. (L.1-L.3)

Practical Topic Activity: 

Check out this newspaper article all about the launch, including the video of the rocket firing into the sky! Ask your adult to read the text to you and enjoy watching the video together. 

Space Launch Story and Video

Have a think and a little chatter together. 

  • How would you feel if you were sitting in the rocket about to head into space? 
  • Would you like to go up to space? 
  • Why do you think they are going up in space? 
  • Why are they wearing special suits? 
  • Why is the rocket going so fast when it launches? 
  • What do you think you would see when you head into space?

Story of the Day

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