Year 1 Home Learning – Week beginning 5th October

Please watch the slide show and videos to help with this week’s home learning. Work online will be on IXL/Purple Mash. Any paper work can be sent to me as a picture via Class Dojo. Below this slide you will also find some additional home learning related to Beach School.

KS1 Beach School Home Learning


Week beginning 28th September

Hi Year 1. Here is your slideshow for your work today – remember to watch all the videos! Work will be added each day as we make our way through the week. Good luck and have fun! x


Week beginning 13th July 2020

This week is a very special week at the Mosaic Federation! As well as being the final week of the summer term, it’s Sports Week!!! Watch the slideshow below to see the exciting plans in store for you whether you are at home or at school this week!

Good morning year 1 and welcome back to another fun filled week of learning.

This week we are starting a new topic.  Delightful Ducks! You may know that we welcomed ducklings into our school just after Easter and they are growing nicely now over with the chickens. We are getting quite the school farm.

It was so fantastic this week to speak to many of you on the phone and see you at the transition day. I hope you enjoyed your Pirate picnic on Friday and are ready for a new exciting week of learning.

Happy Monday Year 1.

It was fantastic to see you all last week on our Google meet. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Keep up the good work this week as we continue our pirate theme. We achieved and outstanding certificate from IXL this week. I am so proud. Well done everyone. .


Good Morning and welcome back to another fun packed week of school.

Hi My Hearties (Pirate joke)

I hope you enjoyed your tasks last week. This week we are going to continue with our pirate theme. Have fun guys and and keep up the hard work.


Mrs Mizen and Mrs Southern

Hi Year One.


We hope you have had a lovely weekend.

As there are some children returning to school and staff are all back full time,  we have needed to make some changes to your home learning. Below is a slideshow of your work for the week. Simply click on the slideshow and see what you should be doing each day. This is still flexible and you can work in a way to best suit you and your family. The slideshow is a guide but don’t worry if you do tasks on a different day.


We are starting our new  topic ‘Ship Ahoy!’ this week and are very excited to be sharing lots of pirate activities with you. We hope you enjoy them. Good luck my Ship Mates!!




Please see below for expectations and links for home learning.

Reading English Maths  Times tables


Read at least one of their reading books at home and answer simple questions or if they are on longer texts 4 chapters each day

Children will be expected to work on one section of each day

Children will be expected to complete one unit of Mathletics each day

TT rockstars can be completed each day. 

There will be a curriculum linked activity on the school website each day. It might be watching a simple video or completing a short activity through Purple 

Thursday 4th June

The weather is not as nice but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a great day!

You are so close to reaching our next IXL certificate only 639 questions to go, you’ve really pulled out all the stops this week 🙂


I’d like you to spend the next two days coming up with your own set of instructions.

It is up to you what you would like to write about, but here are some ideas if you are not sure.

  • How to make a sandwich
  • How to wash your hands
  • How to make a friendship bracelet
  • How to draw a rainbow
  • How to tidy your bedroom 😉

It really can be anything that interests you. You can either use pencil and paper or a 2Do has been created on PurpleMash if you would prefer to do it online.

Here is a checklist of all the things you should include.

Download (PDF, 212KB)

Now share your instructions with someone in your house. Can they follow them?

Send any pictures in. We love to see your hard work.


We’re going to continue to look at half of a quantity.

Remember the quantity is the amount or how many there are in total.

To find half you need to split the quantity into 2 equal groups. Each group then represents half.

Download (PDF, 446KB)


Continue to revise your speedy sounds and read as often as possible. Remember OXford Owl has lots of free ebooks that are levelled.

Some cloze activities have also been set on PurpleMash to have a go at some of our trickier sounds.


Wednesday 3rd June

C’mon Year 1 WE CAN DO IT!!!

I hope this week has been a good one so far and you are ready for today’s challenges.


Instructions are written in the order in which you need to complete them. Why do you think this is? What would happen if they were in the wrong order?

Have a look at the instructions below. Can you spot the mistakes?

Download (PDF, 278KB)

Your task today is to put the instructions in the correct order. An adult could write them for you and you could cut them out and order them correctly or you could have a go at writing them yourself. Good Luck!


Today we’re going to learn about finding the half of a quantity.

As always check IXL and Mathletics fro more challenges.

Today, I would like you to start with a little well-being challenge: spend a few minutes thinking about some of your favourite memories. You could write them down, draw a picture or even tell it to someone else. Think about why it made you so happy.


Music and DT

Let’s get creative ! You might need to collect some bits and pieces first but have a go at creating your own castanets following the video below! Send us a picture or video of you using them!

Tuesday 2nd June

You’ve made a great start to the week,only 3000 more questions to reach out 30,000 target on IXL. Remember to look out for ‘recommended by my teacher’ tasks on IXL.


We’re going to continue our work on instructions today and as the weather is beautiful, I thought we could see how to make some lovely fruit lollies.

Remember instructions use imperative verbs. Can you remember what they are? Have a look at yesterday’s tasks if you need a hint!

Firstly, read the instructions below, can you identify the imperative verbs?

Download (PDF, 285KB)

Now can you answer the following questions based on the text?

What are you making?

What do you have to do to the strawberries?

What type of spoon do you use?

How many blueberries do you add to each one?

How long do freeze them for?

How should you eat them?


Paper halving

In how many different ways can you halve an A4 sheet of paper?

You might start off with something like these two, for example:

Have a good explore and see what different ways you can find. Don’t be afraid to be creative!How will you know if they are halves?

There are probably many other ways to solve them but this is a couple of ways to solve this problem to get you started!

There are probably many other ways to solve them but this is a couple of ways to solve this problem to get you started!
Have a terrific day!

Monday 1st June 2020

Good morning Year 1.

I hope you have enjoyed the beautiful weather we have had during our holidays. After the holidays we always enjoy circle time together when we get to find out what everyone in our class has been doing, so for today’s task I would like you to tell me two things you have done during the holidays.

Log in to Purple Mash for you task.


This week we are going to look at instructional texts.

Here is an example:

Download (PDF, 283KB)

Instructional texts use imperative verbs.

A verb is a ‘doing word’ if you say it on its own it can sound bossy.

Here are some examples: put, rub, pat, run, sit

Can you find the imperative verbs in the text above?

For more practice login to IXL to have a go at identifying the verb.

Once you’ve done that why not see if you can make your own paper fish?


This week we will look at fractions.

A fraction is a part of an object. We will look at half today.

Login to IXL for more examples.

Half or not half game

Friday 22nd May 2020 

A little message from me to you 🙂


Great work this week Year 1. We’re just over half way to our 30,000 question target on IXL.

Today is the last day of the half term, which means there will be no work set next week. It’s your chance to relax and have even  more fun with your family.


Can you retell the story of Handa’s Surprise? You can make a comic strip or write the story in full. Here is a word mat to help you.

There’s also recommended tasks on IXL to keep you busy.


As always, challenge yourself to be as speedy as possible. Can you remember the rhymes for the sound? Choose a sound, how many words can you write with that sound in it?

Set 1 Sounds

Set 2 Sounds

Set 3 Sounds

You can still work on Phonics Play activities if you wish.

Username: march20    Password:home


IXL is all about patterns today. Can you work out which shape will come next?

You could also play some maths games using the following websites:

Art and Painting

There is no better way to end the week than with some drawing and painting. Visit BBC Bitesize for today’s Art and Painting lesson. Remember to send us your art work via the facebook page.


Have a wonderful half term. Stay safe.

Thursday 21st May 2020


As part of Mental Health Awareness Week Year 1, Year 2 and ARB1 would like to create a personalised ‘Little Book of Happiness’.

We know that the past few weeks have been tough, but even though every day may not be good, there is something good in every day. It is these little moments we would like to capture so that we can share them with others and have something to act as a reminder when ‘normal’ resumes.

Can we request that you send in (either comment below or send in messenger) your child’s favourite joke or anything that has made you and your family smile. It could be as simple as hearing the birds singing, playing football in the garden or splashing in a stream, if you have a picture you could attach even better!

Can you please send your jokes, smiles and pictures by Tuesday 26th May? We look forward to you sharing your ‘little bit of happiness’ with us.

Here’s a smile of mine. Finding trees to climb.  Miss Southern 🙂


Listen to the African story of Handa.

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Who is Handa? 

Where is she going? 

What is she doing? 

What is the problem in the story? 

What does the ostrich take? 

Which animal helps Handa? 

What is the surprise at the end? 


Have a catch up day. Check IXL have you completed the recommended tasks?

If you have why not try finding some items in your home that are symmetrical? or can you draw a symmetrical picture?

Remember to check Mathletics too.


How is life there different to your life in England?

Can you log on to Purple Mash and write em a postcard from Africa. Don’t forget to illustrate your postcard with things i would see if i went to Africa.


Wednesday 20th May 2020 

What a great start you have made to reaching our 30,000 target, we’re almost half way there!

Today’s tasks:


It seems like a long time ago now, but before lockdown we began to look at stories from other cultures. Let’s use what we know about adjectives to describe this African landscape. Write 3 sentences about what you can see in the picture. You could write about the mountains, the grass, the lake, the sand or the trees. Here is an idea to start with…

The tall, rocky mountains stand strong in the distance.  

Head over to IXL for more activities linked to adjectives.


Today we are going to learn about symmetry.



Today we are going to take a trip to Africa with Oak Academy.

Follow these links to find out about more about the big 5 African animals.

Find out more about your favourite African animal. Log into Purple Mash to draw and label a picture of your favourite African animal.


Tuesday 19th May 2020

Good morning everyone. I hope you enjoyed your tasks yesterday.

Thank you to those who are sending in their photographs and showing us all of your beautiful learning. It brightens up our day to see you doing so well!


Today we’re going to have a look at adjectives.

Check your understanding with today’s IXL tasks.


We’re going to continue to look at shapes and their properties. Properties are the characteristics of the shape, what makes it the same or different to other shapes for example: colour, number of sides, number of corners.

Watch the video to remind yourself of the shapes names. Can you begin to identify any of the properties? Then have a go at the quiz below the video.

Next have a go at your tasks on IXL all linked to the properties of shapes.


Click the picture below. Username: March20  Password: home


There is a PSHE lesson about our emotions on BBC Bitesize Daily Lesson that I would like you to try this week. As this is a bit of an unusual time for us, our emotions might change.That’s ok and perfectly normal. This lesson will help you to understand some of the emotions you might be feeling.



Monday 18th May 2020

Happy Monday Year 1! You did an amazing job last week and reached our 20,000 question target. To get our next certificate we need to reach 30,000. I know you can do this 🙂


Today’s task is all about using capital letters. Can you remember when they should be used?

You should always use a capital letter:

  • at the beginning of a sentence: Today is the first day of the week.
  • for names pf people and pets: Yesterday Jack and Harry went for a walk with Max the dog.
  • for the pronoun I: When I am in the sentence, I am always a capital letter.

See how you get on with today’s IXL tasks.


This week we will look at 2D shapes. Can you remember any of their names?

Login to IXL to test your knowledge.


When we are together we love Music Mondays. Listen and appraise this piece together.

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Think about …

What instruments can you hear?

What is the style of the music?

Can you keep the pulse of the music with movements?

How do you think this music makes people feel?

Now follow the link to BBC bitesize to carry out today lesson.  Why not log onto purple mash to create your own music.


It’s has been a long time since we got to have cuddles from our grandparents. Why not send them an e mail and let them know that you are thinking about them and what they do that you are thankful for. I’m sure they will be very happy to receive it.


Weekly Challenge- Can you build a rocket like the one Neil Armstrong travelled to the moon in? Collect recycling this week and post your results on our Facebook page.



Friday 15th May 2020


Follow the bbc bitesize leson today. Its is all about grouping animals in different ways. This is a bit of a recap for you. See how many different ways you can remember to group the animals.

Have some fun. Try group your teddy s or animal toys in different ways at home.

Thursday 14th May 2020.


Have you every wondered what it would be like to travel to the moon or fly a rocket into space? Today I would like you to follow the link and watch the video about Neil Armstrong a famous astronaut who was the first person to ever land on the moon.

Now log on to Purple Mash and complete the task. I would like you to write a story pretending to be Neil when he landed on the moon. Tell me about your journey in the rocket through space and then what you did when you got to the moon. What might you say, see, hear and feel.

Good luck. I can’t wait to read your stories.


Check out the Oak Academy lesson today and begin to write your own version of the Tiger who came to Tea.

The Oak Academy

Keep up your outstanding work on IXL we are now only 900 questions away from 20000 answered. That adds up to 98 hours of hard work!

Login to IXL to access your recommended tasks for maths and English.


Can you read the words and decide if they are real or fake. Feed them to the correct pirate. Start with Phase 2 and try phase 3 and 4 if you can.

Click the picture below. Username: March20  Password: home

Mrs Mizen and Mrs Southern.


Wednesday 13th May 2020

Today is going to be a bit of Science day! I would like you to visit the BBC Bitesize Daily Lesson for Science – Materials.

We have done some of this in school so you can use it as a bit of a refresher! Then complete the tasks I have set you on PurpleMash. You have to

Compare materials

Look at the difference between natural and man-made materials

Play the materials matching game.

Today’s lesson on Oak Academy is getting us ready to write the story of The Tiger who Came to Tea. Have a go. I would love to see your story writing by the end of the week.

Have a great day.

Mrs Mizen and Mrs Southern.

Tuesday 12 May 2020

Hello you superstars! You are doing an amazing job with your online learning and you have put in an amazing 82 hours of learning on IXL alone!


IXL is focusing on money again. Can you add the amounts together? Can you find equivalent groups?

There are also assigned tasks on Mathletics.


IXL is again about sentence types. Do you know what a command is? Can you choose the correct punctuation to use?


Follow the links below to to practise your phonics skills. You may need to use this password to unlock all of the content.

Username: march20  Password: home


You can find additional RWI phonics lessons on the link below. Year 1 children have all learned Set 1 sounds and are working on either set 2 or 3. Practising previously learnt sounds is very beneficial so don’t worry about starting with a set that children are already confident with.

Online Safety

Staying safe online remains particularly important, keep it fresh in your child’s mind with the following activities.

Activity 1: Watch Jessie & Friends, Episode 2
Find the Jessie & Friends cartoons at
Watch Episode 2: Sharing Pictures with your child.
Use questions to chat about the cartoon. For example:
o How did lots of people end up seeing the pictures?
o What made Mo feel sad?
o How did the friends get help when they needed it?
o What did Miss Humphrey say she would do to help?
Finish by watching the song again and having a sing-along!
Note: If your child wants to watch Episode 1 too, do watch it with them! It’s
aimed at younger children, but it’s still fun to watch.

Activity 2: Draw a character
Ask your child to draw a picture of their favourite character singing the
funny tummy song.
Ask them to include their favourite lyrics from the song on their drawing.
We’d love to see your work! If you like, [send us an inbox on FB.

Oak Academy this week is all about the TIger Who Came to Tea. This is one of our favourite stories. Why don’t you have a go at the lessons. Today you will draw your very own story map to help you to retell the story of The Tiger who Came to Tea.

Monday 11th May 2020.

Good morning everyone.

Summer arrived at the weekend for our celebrations of VE day. I hope you have all
enjoyed some time outdoors in your gardens enjoying the warmth and the sunshine.
Today I would like you to complete the tasks set on Purple Mash, they are all about the Summer.

Follow this link to BBC Bitesize to learn more about the four seasons.

BBC Bitesize

The Oak Academy lesson today is about one of our favourite stories, The Tiger who came to Tea. Have a go at this lesson today.

Oak Academy

Maths IXL activities are all about money. Can you identify the value of each coin? Can you add the values together?

Literacy IXL is about different types of sentences. Can you identify a statement, question and exclamation?


Have a go at the following game:

Have a great day



Thursday 7th May

Can you believe it’s Thursday already?!

The weather is supposed to be beautiful today so make sure you make the most of it but also remember hats and sun cream we don’t want any sunburn!

Make the most of the outdoors by taking your learning outside and making it into a game! Adults this might take a little bit of setting up (no more than 5 mins) but could be left out so your boys and girls can come and go as they please!

Phonics/ Literacy: Target Practice Game

Check your sounds

Set 1 Sounds

Set 2 Sounds

Set 3 Sounds

Choose 3 you are confident with and 2 you are not.


  • anything you can write sounds on
  • something to throw or launch, such as a small ball, a beanbag, sponge, paper plane

To set up:

  • Put the sounds outside where there’s plenty of room- on a washing line, pinned to a trees or tacked to walls or sheds.
  • leave the item to throw or launch nearby

To play:

  • explain that the aim is to hit the sounds. As the hit the sound shout it out!
  • put the sound into a word


  • can they write down as many words as possible? use chalk or water and paintbrush or shaving foam or in the sand
  • can they put the words into a sentence?

Maths: Rub it out


  • anything you can draw with and also wipe out or knock down – chalk, paint sticks, whiteboard pen, in a  sand pit, shaving foam, folded paper etc.
  • something to wipe out – wet wipes kitchen paper, water and a cloth, water and a paintbrush, a water sprayer.

To set up:

  • Write a selection of numbers up to 100 or number bonds to 10 or 20 (7 + 3 =   12 + 8 =)
  • Leave the items for clearing up nearby.

To play:

  • Explain that they have to rub out/knock down the things that you write.
  • You can race against the clock or just shout out the numbers or calculation

Send your pics to FB if you give any a go.

Something extra: VE Day Code Breaker

Morse code is a way to send messages without using words. They used it during WW2. The code has its own alphabet using long and short sounds or flashes of light.

Can you translate the messages using the Morse Code alphabet?

Send a message to an adult or sibling using a torch or something that beeps. Have they understood your message?


Tuesday 5th May

Good morning Year 1!

You have made an amazing start on IXL if you keep it up you’ll definitely reach our 20,000 questions target.

Today’s tasks:

Phonics: Recap your speed sounds. Ask an adult to check how speedy you can be. Try and focus on Set 2 and 3. Then a task has been set on Purple Mash linked to some of your sounds and words.

Literacy: Using capital letters and full stops when writing postcards.

Watch the BBC Bitesize Daily clip and create a postcard of your own on PurpleMash.

Imagine you are a soldier from WW2. Write to your family letting them know you are coming home.

  • Decide who you’re writing the postcard to. It could be someone in your family or a friend.
  • Make sure all your sentences include a capital letter at the start and the correct punctuation at the end.
  • Try to include some statements in there too.
  • Remember to finish your postcard with an ending like ‘lots of love’ or ‘from’.

Maths: Use Mathletics to count in 2s

Something Extra: Can you design a VE day medal?

Remember to send any photographs to the Facebook page and we’ll share your wonderful work with everyone!

Have a great day!

Monday 4th May.

Morning everyone, i hope you have enjoyed your weekend and you are excited to see what your learning will be this week.

Today I would like you to follow the links to learn about Judaism. When you have watched the videos complete the purple mash activity.

An introduction to Judaism

The story of Passover

Last week we reached 10,000 questions on IXL. Your challenge this week is to answer 10,000 more! Can you do it? Of course you can!

English: Complete two tasks on IXL that have been set based on next steps.

Maths: Complete two tasks on IXL that have been set based on next steps.

Reading: Keep it up! Remember  Oxford Owl have lots of ebooks that can be set to your level – just ask an adult to check the colour/stage of your reading books that were sent home. Some of the books even have lovely activities to complete too!

Phonics: Have a go at this game

Buried Treasure start with phase 2 then see how far you can go.

Something extra:

On Friday it is VE Day.

Can you find out and tell me 5 facts about VE day?

Have a great week everyone.

Mrs Mizen and Mrs Southern.


Friday 1st May

Friday Minions GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

We hope you’ve all had a lovely week.

You have spent an amazing 50 hours completing your tasks! And we we are almost at 10,000 questions answered on IXL. Challenge today is to reach this goal. You can do it!

Spend today catching up and finishing all of your jobs.

If you are finished then why not take a look at BBC Bitesize Daily

Maths is a quiz and some word problems

English is a reading task all about the story ‘Funnybones’

Music is body percussion


Thursday 30th April.

Good Morning Year 1.

Today is the day we clap for the NHS. How will you make some noise tonight? I have enjoyed banging my pots and pans.

On my daily walk I am enjoying looking at all the flowers that are blooming particularly the blossom on the trees.

Follow the link to find out more about the plants that you can see when out on your walks.

Watch the video and then complete the quiz.

Test your knowledge with this game.


Have a great day everyone.

Don’t forget you can send little messages to us when you finish your work on purple mash. We are really enjoying reading your messages and messaging back.


Wednesday 29th April

Good morning Year 1. It’s not sunny outside at the moment but that doesn’t mean you have to have a dull day.

Today is World Wish Day. We can’t do much at the moment but in the near future we will be able to go out again and do all of the things we love so now is the time to make some plans. Why not create a wish jar?

You will need:

A jar          pieces of paper              a pen or pencil

Just write down your wishes and put them in the jar then when we are allowed we can pick out our wishes and go and make them come true.

Some things on my wish list are:

  • To give my friends and family the biggest hugs
  • Take my son to the park
  • Go out for a meal at my favourite restaurant
  • Walk around my favourite shops and buy things for my new baby’s arrival
  • Get my hair cut
  • Walk on the beach with my dog

What would be on your list?

Today’s jobs:

English: complete two tasks on IXL

Maths: Complete two tasks on IXL and one on Mathletics

Phonics: Play some games

Have a wonderful day everyone! We miss you all very much!


Tuesday 28th April.

Today is all about adventures. Can you remember an exciting adventure you have had? Where did you go? What did you do?

Follow the like to find out all about someone from the past who had a big adventure and then carry out the purple mash activity assigned to you.

Can you learn this song to help you remember important information about Christopher Columbus?

Purple Mash

Put yourself in the role of Christopher  Columbus what would you say? How would you feel?

See Mondays information for you Maths and English jobs. .

Monday 27th April.

Good Morning .

I hope you have enjoyed the sunshine this weekend and had fun in your gardens. This morning I would like you to follow the link and remind yourself about the country that you live in. Do you remember the 4 countries that make up the United Kingdom? Can you remember the names of the capital cities and the seas that surround our island. Scroll down the page to look at photos from around the UK and complete the quizzes.

Now can you write a postcard from anywhere in the UK that you have visited. Add you own images and tell me all about what you did there.

I’m looking forward to hearing about the holidays and adventures you have been on.

Maths English PE
IXL Maths

This week you have tasks set on:

Addition up to 20

Subtraction with numbers to 20

Sorting, ordering and classifying



A different task will appear each day they are:

Reading numbers to 30

Balance numbers to 10

Pattern error

comparing length

Days of the week




This week you will look at:

Letters of the alphabet

Sight words

Final sounds

Nouns and verbs



As always, challenge yourself to be as speedy as possible. Can you remember the rhymes for the sound? Choose a sound, how many words can you write with that sound in it?

Set 1 Sounds

Set 2 Sounds

Set 3 Sounds

Keep your body moving along to one of these:

Joe Wicks


Andy’s Wild Workouts



Just put on your favourite music and have a boogie!

Mrs Mizen and Mrs Southern.
Have a great day.

Thursday 23rd April





Today is St George’s Day. Did you know George is the patron saint (the special protector) of England?

Listen to the story of George and the Dragon below.

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Your task today is to retell the story of George and the Dragon. Remember to use capital letters, full stops and adjectives to make your story really exciting!


If you would like to find out more about St George’s day and how we celebrate, click on the link below.

St George’s Day Celebrations

Have a good day 🙂

For a little revision you can take a look at Oak Academy lessons for Monday 20th to recap what you know about the continents.


Wednesday 22nd April

Well done on all of your hard work so far. You are doing an amazing job. Altogether, you have answered almost 4000 questions on IXL and have managed to achieve 27 Bronze certificate on Mathletics! Let’s see if we can achieve some silver by the end of the week.

Today is Earth Day. Watch the video to find out more.

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Why not try some of these activities at home. Remember to send us pictures on Facebook so we can share your wonderful work with everyone.

  1. Go on a litter picking mission. When you go on your walk today take a bin bag and some gloves. How much rubbish can you collect in 15 minutes?
  2. Create an Earth Day poster. What can we do to protect the Earth?
  3. Go on a nature walk and collect items to build a bug hotel!


Great job year 1! Keep up the good work 😊

Monday 20th April

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve had a super Easter and had lots of fun with your families. I’ve eaten way too much chocolate but have been enjoying some lovely walks in the sunshine and playing in the garden with my little boy. Did you complete any of the Easter challenges? We’d love to see your pictures if you did! Just ask an adult to send a message with your image to the Facebook inbox.

Anyway, back to work this week. There are lots of tasks set but remember they don’t all need to be done at once, aim to do three days per week and enjoy as much time as you can with your family.

IXL Maths

Tasks will be assigned when you login.

This week the focus is on addition, subtraction and position.


This week you have some revision questions on grouping and properties of shapes.

IXL English

Tasks will be assigned when you login.

Tasks will focus on sight words, blending and segmenting and nouns.


Try and do as much reading as possible. This could be story books, comics, recipes, newspapers or instructions for games. It all counts!

Remember, if you are running out of books you could sign up to this website for free to access hundreds of books:

Oxford Owl


Try and practise your sounds as often as possible to check your speed sounds are still speedy. Follow the links below to find an online book with all of the speed sounds in. Start with Set 1 and read the sounds out loud as you turn the pages. After you have read the sound, try to fred-talk and read the words containing that sound on the next page. Fred in your head if you are confident. If you are unsure of a sound, ask you grown up to read the rhyme and help you remember the sound.

Set 1 Sounds                  Set 2 Sounds                   Set 3 Sounds

As soon as you are tricked by a sound, go back and practise the sounds you already know until they are super speedy and then practise the next tricky sound with your grown up.

You will also find some tasks on Purple to help using your sounds in words.

There are also the following websites for you to use:

Phonics Play         Teach your monster to read            Letters and Sounds

Keeping Active

Staying active is important to keep your body and your mind healthy. Here are some activities you could use to get you moving. Try one or all! How energetic are you feeling?

Joe Wicks                       CosmicKidsYoga                             Andy’s Wild Workouts

Have a great day! Miss Southern

Good Morning everyone. I hope you have enjoyed your Easter break and have managed to have some fun with your family.

Today I want to know about what you would like to be when you are grown up. I hope to read lots of exciting ideas about your dreams for the future.

Please log onto purple mash to see your task for today.



Hi everyone,

We hope you’ve had a great week so far and no one played too many tricks on you for April Fool’s Day!

Just a quick reminder of how easy it can be for some others to fool people online and how important it is to stay safe. The easiest way is to be SMART!

Download (PDF, 761KB)

When you have time, explore the links below and make sure you stay as safe as possible while using your computer or electronic device.


Smartie the Penguin

Tuesday 31st March-Friday 3rd April

Good Morning today I am going to set you some tasks but you have the rest of the week to complete them.  We have the new addition of IXL which has some Maths and Literacy tasks for you to complete. Log ins have been sent out and should arrive to you this week. If you haven’t had yours yet, it’s on it’s way! Just complete the activities when you get your log in.

Remember you have been sent out some paper based activities too so you can mix and match to complete the activities when it works best for you.

Don’t forget these useful links to help you throughout the week too!


Mathletics New tasks will appear each day, but you have all week to complete them.

Simple subtraction             Balance numbers to 20            Groups of 2               Groups of 5


Tasks will be assigned when you login, aim to complete one or two a day.


Terminology (A)      Creating Sentences (B)     Exclamation and Question marks (A)    Grammar (A)


Tasks will be assigned when you login, aim to complete one or two a day.


Aim to read for about 30 mins throughout the day. This could be the books we sent home or any books/comics/newspapers etc you have at home. It all counts!

If you are running out of books you could sign up to this website for free to access hundreds of books:


There are no set tasks but the following websites are offering lots of lovely free activities.



Sort the animals into mammal or reptile and herbivores, omnivores or carnivores. Explain to a grown up why you chose to place each animal in the group.

Animals Needs- Write about the needs of animals . Can you remember the 5 survival needs ?

RE: Watch the video

to find out how Toby celebrates Easter. Write about all the things you do to celebrate Easter.

Design your own Easter egg. Try to earn a golden cup by adding exciting patterns like the ones we do in our handwriting practice.

Music: 2sequence.

Watch the video tutorial and then create a happy piece of music for me to cheer me up. The best ones will earn a golden cup.

Creative Writing: 2 create a story.  

Write your own story about anything you like. Maybe you could tell me about an invention that changed the world or the adventure of a fantasy animal. How about a story about a detective dog who found something under the stairs or two lions who became worst enemies. You choose!

E Safety: SID2019 

Take the quiz to show me that you know how to stay safe while online.


Staying active is good for your body and mind.

Workouts at 9am      Joe Wicks 

Just for fun

Some ideas to try out throughout the week 🙂 Send any pictures in and we’d love to share what you’ve been getting up to!

Lego challenge: Your adults want to build a new home and they want you to build it. 


Put on one of your favourite songs and dance around the house. Try to get your family to Join in too.


Lego challenge: Hollywood hires you to build a movie set for a new Star Wars movie.


Build a den in your house and read a book inside it.


Lego challenge: You enter a contest to build the world’s tallest tower. Will you win? 


Have a family movie day/ night. 


Lego challenge: You are stuck on Mars and need to build a new ship to get home. 


Help your grown ups cook or bake something.


Have a great week Year 1, we miss you!

Monday 30th March

Good morning Year 1. We hope you have had a lovely weekend spending time with your loved ones and you are all staying safe.

NEW ADDITION…. We are starting a new online programme this week called IXL- don’t worry if you haven’t received your passwords they will be with you in the post soon. When you get them login to there will be a short English and short maths task for you to complete. I will set 3 per week for you to complete whenever you would like.

You will also be getting a pack of paper resources in case you are having trouble getting online or you would just like to do a little bit more.


Addition – all about 20              Mathletics

counting on the 100 chart        IXL


Terminology (A)             

Choose the picture that rhymes with the word       IXL

Remember to keep reading!


Speed sounds                                             RWI Speed Sounds 

Science: Adaptation to tundra.

In class you wrote about how a wide range of animals from giraffes to frogs adapted to survive in their habitat. Complete the poster to tell me all about how a polar bear adapts to its special habitat.

Try you hand at  drawing your own polar bear.


Did you know Joe Wicks is donating all of the money he makes from his PE lessons to the NHS? What a lovely gesture!

Workouts at 9am      Joe Wicks

Just for fun

Lego challenge: NASA needs you to build a new rocket. 


Play a board game with your family.


Friday 27th March 2020

You’re doing an amazing job so far, keep up the good work!

Maths – Doubles and halves to 10                              Mathletics

Literacy – Creating Sentences (B)                    

Phonics – Speed sounds                                             RWI Speed Sounds


Launch the task and watch the video tutorial.

Choose different instruments to create a musical sequence. Record you work. Can you loop your sequence and even speed it up of slow it down. Remember we use the word tempo for the speed of the music and pitch for high and low sound. Use your musical language when you are creating your work.

PE – If you would like, Joe Wicks workouts at 9am      Joe Wicks

Just for fun

Lego challenge – You’ve been hired by an amusement park. Can you create your own roller coaster?


Why not throw a birthday party for your favourite toy!

Even if you don’t have time to do all of the work we have sent, you should still make time for something that makes everyone in your house happy each day. If your parents send some photos of your ‘just for fun’ challenges, we can post them on our FB page with permission.

Have a lovely weekend!


Thursday 26th March 2020.

Great to see such fantastic work so far this week. I have really enjoyed reading your Spring descriptions and learning about the animals homes you chose. Keep up the good work and watch watch out for your personal feedback.

Maths – Comparing numbers to 50                              Mathletics

Literacy – Capital Letters and Full Stops (B)     

Phonics – Speed sounds                                             RWI Speed Sounds


ICT – 2GO.

In class we were learning how to program the BeeBot using positional language. Launch 2Go and choose challenge 1 to begin with. Direct your object to the places given. Can you record your instructions using an algorithm like we did in class?

PE – If you would like, Joe Wicks workouts at 9am      Joe Wicks


Wednesday 25th March 2020

It’s wonderful to see all of your lovely Spring writing from yesterday. Keep up the good work.

Maths – Counting Backwards           Mathletics

Literacy – Terminology (A)     

Phonics – Speed sounds                 RWI Speed Sounds

Humanities – Today it’s all about animals homes or habitats.

Log in to purple mash and match the animals to their habitats then choose some animals and habitats to write about.                      Purple

PE – If you would like, Joe Wicks workouts at 9am      Joe Wicks

Remember to keep reading. 🙂


Tuesday 24th March 2020


Counting Forwards           Mathletics


Creating Sentences (A)  


Try and read 1 book per day


There are no set tasks but the following websites are offering lots of lovely free activities.

Please log in to Purple Mash and check your 2Dos tab.

Science Task:

Describe Spring.

Enjoy Mrs Mizen and Miss Southern

Monday 23rd March 2020


Matching/ Making numbers           Mathletics


Capital Letters and Full Stops (A)  


Try and read 1 book per day


There are no set tasks but the following websites are offering lots of lovely free activities.


To label UK countries.

To label world continents.

To label world oceans.

Please log in to your purple mash account and check your 2do list.


Have a great day!

Miss Southern and Mrs Mizen